Solar Fencing Kit


Solar Fencing Kit

  • Type of Product : Solar Fencing
  • Application : Security Electric Fence systems provide 100{a666b91cb919f35b74d025c09da5e8b37b5674e06c640fe31d3e2f0c13538ccc} protections against theft, pilferage, arson, sabotage. The fence systems can also be integrated with other security devices like sirens, flood lights etc, making it impenetrable.
  • Features : Activate And Runs Purely On Solar Energy. No Electricity Required. Works Without Energising Upto 7 Days. Prevents Unauthorised Access. Restricts Animals Access Into Other Teritories. Effectiveness In Securing. Fruit Gardens, Ponds, Farm Houses, Residential Societies , Zoological Parks. Or Any Other Security Sensitive Premises.

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Solar Power Fence

With our vast domain expertise, we have come up with Solar Power Fence for our treasured customers. The offered fence is designed to be highly cost-effective & power efficient and is highly appreciated by the customers. The offered fence can be installed with utmost ease and is regarded for its durability. We make this fence available at competitive prices.


  • Hassle-free installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Low maintenance

Products Details:

  • Reduces recurring Expenditure on security by 75{a666b91cb919f35b74d025c09da5e8b37b5674e06c640fe31d3e2f0c13538ccc}
  • Each pulse acts as an effective security guard
  • Gives instant punishment to the intruder
  • Gates also can be supported with solar barrier
  • As against 8 guards needs only 3 guards per shift
  • Nullifies thefts
  • 35{a666b91cb919f35b74d025c09da5e8b37b5674e06c640fe31d3e2f0c13538ccc} savings in compound wall cost
  • Customized and aesthetic look
  • Serves the purpose of perimeter protection
  • Automation of gate
  • Each pulse travels all along the fence 45 times per min


  • Solar photo voltaic module helps in converting the sunshine into electrical energy and sends them to the unit through a backup battery
  • The Solar pak magnum 12 unit takes 12 V D.C as input and energies the same into 7000 to 8000 volts in pulses
  • These pulses travel seconds
  • The fencing part is a scientific type of layout in which multi stands at 4/6 inches gap will run through the insulators
  • Insulators are pre welded and pre fabricated to 105 inch to 2 inch poles
  • The height of the fence above the ground / compound wall will be as per the requirement of the site conditions
  • The poles are arranged at 10 feet gaps with perfect supporting to the corner poles

Fence wire:
 2.5 mm (12.5 gauge) High tensile (H.T) wire is recommended for electric fence
systems because of its advantages:
 It retains its tension far longer than soft wire.
 It conducts sufficient current for most applications.
 It is reasonable visible.
 High Conductive Aluminium Coated Wire is best used for long leadouts i.e. several
 Double insulated Leadout Cable is used in building, under gateways and where the
soil could corrode exposed galvanized wire.
 Never use household electrical cable.
 Never use copper wire undergate cable because electrolysis problems occur where it is joined to the galvanized
fencing wire.
 Never electrify barbed wire. It is dangerous, has the potential to cause faults and is illegal in some countries.

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