Single Phase Inverters /PCUs 10 KVA/180V

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Kwality Era Pvt Ltd Industrial UPS series incorporates world’s most advanced DSP based 20 KHz Pulse Width Modulation technology to drive IGBT/MOSFET for increased crest factor for Industrial use. Kwality Era Pvt Ltd Industrial UPS provides stable output to operate the sensitive machinery and office equipment like computers, printers, photocopiers etc and even the Air-Conditioners.
It provides true sine wave power which is purer than the grid power which is free from any surges, transients and other EMI effects. Kwality Era Pvt Ltd Pure Sine wave Industrial UPS series cares your expensive, sensitive home, office and industrial equipments for their extended service life as it is designed to suppress the harmonic distortion. Closed Loop Auto Sensing Software Control (ASSC) Smart Charging circuit charges the battery for the enhanced battery life. It has the exclusive capability to provide longer power backup due to faster charging. Kwality Era Pvt Ltd Industrial UPS are of world class in terms of Performance, Durability, Reliability & Efficiency.


• Most leading Power Back up source for big House, Industries, corporate offices and BPOs.
• Provides reliable back-up to Office Equipments like Computers, Projectors, Printers, Scanners and Fax Machines etc.
• Suitable for Banks, Multiplexes and Shopping malls.
• Suitable for all motor based applications like AC, Fire Pumps, Water Pumps, Compressors, Water Coolers, Deep Refrigerators and other 3 Phase critical motorized equipments.
• Suitable Petrol Pumps, Fuel Dispensers.
• Emergency and Transportable Power Systems.
• Gym Equipments /Health Equipments like Joggers etc.


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